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Decorating A Real Or Artificial Trees For The Holidays

First time decorating a Christmas tree and need a few tips. Wizard Fix is able to help our team is ready to collect, deliver, and expertly put up your Christmas tree. You are able to call, email or even book online with a few details. No need for a big vehicle – we'll handle it all, leaving you more time to enjoy the festive moments. Following the steps below you are able to decorate the tree how you would like this year!

Family decorating tree with Wizard Fix tips

Steps to decorate your own Christmas tree:

1. Prepare the Tree: Ensure it's ready for decoration - whether it’s real or artificial, consider its size, shape, and the look you want. No time and really need help call Wizard Fix and have our handymenhelp!

2. Light it Up: Add lights to your tree for a warm, festive glow. Tree to tall? Our professional handymen are able to help to allow you to get the perfect tree

3. Top it Off: Place a topper, which could be a traditional star or something unique like clusters of frosted berry branches

4. Decorate with Ornaments: Begin adding decorations, baubles, and other items.

5. Use Picks and Sprays: These add texture and fill gaps.

6. Statement Pieces: Incorporate unique or larger decorations for visual interest. Can't carry these huge items our team at Wizard Fix can get you handymen to help

7. Add Finishing Touches: This could include tinsel, ribbons, or other final embellishments.

8. Tree Skirt: A tree skirt is essential for completing the look, whether it's a heavier wooden skirt or a simple sacking material

Final product of how a tree would look like with Wizard Fix

Expert Tips for a Professional Look:

- Balance and Symmetry: Distribute decorations evenly for a balanced appearance.

- Layering: Start from the inside and work outwards, layering different types of decorations for depth.

- Customising: Personalise your tree with handmade or meaningful ornaments.

Placing special ornaments suggested by Wizard Fix

Decorating a Christmas tree is a creative and enjoyable activity that allows for a lot of personal expression. With these tips and ideas from Wizard Fix , you can transform your Christmas tree into a festive masterpiece that becomes the centerpiece of your holiday home! You are are to call, email or even visit Wizard Fix to book online. We can help with the holidays to make it easier for you and the family.


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