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How To Assemble Flat Pack Furniture

It's always exciting buying new flat pack furniture for your home. It's not so exciting when you realise you now have to spend hours building the furniture.

Did you recently buy a new bed and can't seem to figure out how to assemble it, particularly with the ottoman lifting mattress? Or have you been putting off assembling that brand new IKEA PAX wardrobe? We understand that assembling flat pack furniture can be overwhelming, time consuming and difficult to follow the vague instructions they often come with. Wizard Fix are here to help! We've put together this handy guide full of tips and frequently asked questions to give you the confidence of giving it a go! In any instance, if you don't have the time or the will to go ahead and give it a go, you can always book a Wizard Fix professional to carry out your Flat Pack Assembly for you.

There is no shame in asking for assistance in assembling your furniture, particularly if you are not a skilled or trained handy person. Wizard Fix team of trained professionals are always happy to help you assemble your flat pack furniture from any retailer. This includes but not limited to:

and all other brands

You can Receive a Quote in just 15 minutes or Book Online to arrange for a Wizard Fix professional to visit at a time and date that suits you!

Is There Flat Pack Assembly Near Me?

If you live in London, Greater London, Surrey or Hertfordshire then there certainly is! Wizard Fix professionals cover a wide scope of areas and postcodes meaning that there is usually always a professional available to help you with assembling your flat pack furniture. You can check our coverage zones here: Coverage

What Tools Do I Need To Assemble Flat Pack Furniture?

Assembling flat pack furniture will require a variety of tools, depending on the exact item of furniture that needs assembling. These may include, flat head and phillips screwdrivers, a drill, a hammer, allen keys, tape measure, spirit levels and sometimes even other tools. Typically, most furniture providers include the necessary screws and other fixings so this isn't something you need to worry about. If you don't own the tools or don't want to source tools for assembling your furniture, you can always Book a Wizard Fix Professional to Assemble Your Flat Pack Furniture.

How Best To Prepare Before Assembling Flat Pack Furniture?

The best way to prepare is to firstly confirm you have all the various pieces and fixings ready. It can be quite frustrating spending a lot of time assembling most of the furniture only to discover a missing piece, to then have to take it apart again.

Ensure you have enough space to build your item of furniture. This will enable you to rotate items where required and facilitate easy access to difficult areas.

Can I Assemble Flat Pack Furniture On My Own?

You can absolutely assemble flat pack furniture on your own, especially if the items are small. It is however best if you seek help from a friend or family member. Sometimes items may need to be rotated, sometimes furniture can be quite heavy and awkwardly shaped. To avoid the risk of dropping things or holding pieces in place whilst you drill, having help on hand is always recommended. If you can't get the assistance from a friend or family member, the simplest method to having your furniture assembled is arranging a Wizard Fix professional to attend and Assemble Your Furniture for you.

Will I Need Instructions To Assemble My Furniture?

We would always recommend using the instructions provided with your flat pack furniture. Our own training for our team instructs them to always reference the instructions provided with furniture. Flat Pack Furniture can often be deceiving and it's easy to make simple mistakes such as putting panels or legs on the wrong way around, upside down and missing key steps that are extremely important to the integrity of the overall build of the item of furniture.

If an item of furniture is assembled incorrectly, it may be unsafe or could cause harm or injury.

How Long Does Flat Pack Assembly Take?

The duration of how long it takes to assemble an item of furniture varies between a few minutes up to multiple hours. Each item takes a different length of time and the space available to assemble within may also influence how long it takes to assemble any given item. Wizard Fix fixed price promise ensures that you pay a pre-agreed fixed price on any furniture that needs assembling. This means that even if an item of furniture takes longer than expected to assemble, this does not impact the price that you pay to have your furniture completed.

You can Book a Wizard Fix Professional online to have your Flat Pack Furniture Assembled in no time!


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