For nearly all jobs, we will provide you with a fixed price quote. That's exactly what it says, fixed in price. The price quoted will not change under any circumstances. This means that if for any reason a job is to take longer than expected (such as lack of space or delayed deliveries), the quote will always remain the same and you will only ever pay the quoted fee.

The way in which we provide these fixed prices is based on our experience. Over the years we have gained a thorough understanding on how long typical jobs take and can provide fixed price quotes based on these averages.

All quoted fees are inclusive of all taxes and there are never any hidden or additional costs. Nobody likes a surprise when presented with an invoice!


We understand that sometimes on short notice, things come up, situations change or you simply may not need the work carrying out any more. We are as flexible as they come in all ways a service based business should be.


We charge no fees for cancellations


There is also no fees for rescheduling bookings


We do however appreciate as much notice as possible if you are aware that you cannot go ahead with a scheduled booking.