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Rearranging Home Furniture

Having a large home is great and comes with huge benefits, but not everyone can live in a large space, especially in London. You may have limited space for furniture, so moving things around may be the only way to give your home an uplift without huge costs.

You may have even moved into a new home which came ready furnished, in which case you may wish to add your own touch and make it feel like home without breaking the bank. Wizard Fix Furniture Moving Services can be the perfect low cost solution for this.

Perhaps you just can't stand seeing your home in the same layout for long periods of time. If you have children, this can certainly add some fun for them and yourself, seeing the house come to life with an uplifting new layout.

Rearranging furniture around your home can lift your mood and encourage you to declutter unnecessary items whilst enabling your creative side to blossom.

If you live on your own, or for any reason cannot lift or move heavy items of furniture, perhaps focusing on the smaller items is a great way to start your new rearranging project. For everything else, we have your back. Let a Wizard Fix professional attend at a time and date that suits you and take care of Moving Your Heavy Furniture and navigating this carefully around your home.

Our Experienced Wizards can offer advice, help and guidance to ensure that your new layout, brings the best out of your home and the available space you have at a fraction of the cost of upgrading/changing your existing furniture.

To help with this, we have laid out some helpful tips below for anyone considering moving furniture around their home:

1 . Plan By Measuring Out The Space You Have When moving furniture in London, where space may be tight, especially when moving furniture from one room to another, be sure to measure it to ensure that the new location is big enough for it to fit. This saves you having to move items back in disappointment.

2 . Focal Points

Even after moving your furniture around, it may feel as though there is simply no structure to your new layout. You can avoid this by finding a focal point in the room and arranging your furniture around this. This might be a fireplace, a television or even a large window.

3 . Balance

Do not forget to consider the shape, size and placement of your furniture to ensure the feel of the room is balanced. An example of this is ensuring items of varied sizes are equally spread across the room, making sure large items are not grouped together. Spreading these across the room will give your furniture move a visually interesting decor.

4 . Traffic Flow

Ensure when moving your furniture around, that you allow enough space for people to walk around your home without knocking things or tripping over. If your guests need to climb over your sofa to get to the bathroom, however great it looks, that's what they will remember!

5 . Be Creative!

Get creative with the moving of your furniture. You do want to feel the difference after all so don't be afraid to go with a completely new layout. Refresh your home and clear your mind with a simple rearranging task! In case you need any help Moving Furniture around your home, Wizard Fix is only a booking away. Get a Fixed Price Quote in just 15 minutes or Book Online to arrange for some help with your new project.


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